Tardis 4G is the UK’s leading provider of construction site broadband solutions. Over the past two decades, we’ve supplied temporary WiFi services to more than 8000 sites and we truly understand the importance of on-site connectivity. We are first choice for first-in communications because we provide an unparalleled solution, not just in service delivery; we have a superb network infrastructure that enables us to be as flexible as our clients need us to be. With the launch of our new and very innovative dual-SIM product coupled with our network flexibility, our modern solutions have totally revolutionised the market again and our popularity continues to grow, at pace.

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History Timeline

1999 - CEO acquired the name, Tardis plc.

2000 - Tardis re-launch satellite broadband service, LandNet. LandNet was designed to provide broadband in remote locations across the UK. One of the first contractors to use LandNet was Robertson Group.

2001 - Tardis re-launch another satellite solution, SeaNet. SeaNet as you might have guessed is a maritime service and SeaTruck Ferries were one of the first companies to benefit, and still do.

2003 - 3G launches in the UK. Tardis provide ruggedised routers to existing client-base as a separate solution from LandNet.

2006/2008 – Tardis invested heavily in designing and engineering a multi-channel cellular solution to offer a whole new product that was different from satellite and the single-SIM hardware.

2009 - MultiCom (Tardis 3G) was born and knocked the construction industry for six. Nothing on the market came close to the flexibility and adaptability of our first multi-channel ruggedised router and the first few contractors that deployed MultiCom were Costain, Morgan Sindall and Willmott Dixon.

2010/2011 - Tardis begin designing a concept to develop 4G-ready ruggedised router in preparation for 4G launch in October 2012.

2012 – 4G is live in 11 cities: Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Sheffield and Southampton. Tardis replace satellite and 3G connected sites with new 4G ruggedised routers in 11 key locations.

2013 - Tardis continue to swap out legacy services for new LTE (4G) solutions. MultiCom continued to hold the market with innovative add-ons but as 4G hadn’t been implemented sufficiently in some areas, this caused communication issues with VoIP. Please note, satellite and 3G were still used in areas where connectivity was still poor.

2016 - Tardis 4G rebrands from MultiCom and launches another ruggedised dual-SIM router.

2017 - Tardis 4G welcomes more than 250 new clients in first 6 months due to very competitive pricing and unbeatable service. With new customers most days, not just in construction, we would have connected over 2000 sites this year.

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