New Home WiFi. Guarantee your customers temporary home broadband with @tardis4g.

“Tardis’ service has made our day – thank you so much. We’ll definitely be telling Redrow how good you’ve been for us.” New Home Owner, Plot 46

“At last, we finally have broadband!” New Home Owner, Plot 45

Our sales team and engineers love being on-site, regardless of the time of day or where they are in the UK, knowing the broadband solutions we provide make a difference to peoples’ lives is what it’s all about. Last week, we connected six new plots with 4G WiFi using the innovative and revolutionary Tardis devices. In an area where major network operators recommend 3G, our product delivered over 50Mbps download speed – not bad! Our service is perfect for any customer that works from home and families that regularly use SnapChat and Instagram to watching Netflix and streaming YouTube.

If you’d like to try our market-leading 4G system on any of your plots, please call us today and book your 14 day free trial.

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