Fixed IP SIMs
is to continue leading the temporary WiFi services market by innovating and creating simple-to-use products that enable our clients’ customers to enjoy their new home life in the same way a fibre connection would.
Why you should consider Fixed IP SIMs for sites... Site security systems, CCTV and time-lapse cameras require a Fixed IP SIM for a secure connection. It’s important to note, if the connection isn’t secure, anyone can hack your system and view security guard routines without you knowing about it which potentially leads to valuable plant being stolen which happens daily across the UK - Insurers like the use of Fixed IP’s, particularly on large sites.
With an uptime of 99%, Fixed IP SIMs provide an excellent level of connectivity. Regardless of location, a Fixed IP enables you to have efficient two-way connectivity and allows for consistent connectivity with resilient backup. One thing Fixed IP’s can do is enable your network to instantly recognise a connected device anywhere, anytime – very powerful!

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