is to continue leading the rapid response VoIP market by providing the latest VoIP phones that can integrate with our innovative 4G and satellite broadband solutions.

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What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol is the modern platform businesses use to communicate. In short, it’s just a cloud-based phone system but it’s very cost effective against the legacy PSTN landline. If you’ve ever made a phone call on WhatsApp, that is a good modern comparison to understand what the quality is like.

Why is VoIP suitable for site offices and marketing suites?

When you arrive on-site, infrastructure isn’t available and the fibre provider won’t be installing connectivity for at least 10 weeks, likely to be longer. VoIP solutions are so simple to use, by suggesting it’s Plug’n’Play isn’t an exaggeration! One thing VoIP does need is an internet connection... How do you get connected if fibre isn’t installed? Although we’re talking about VoIP services, now is a good time for us to introduce our 4G solutions. Below is an image (Tardis4Gpersimmon) of our innovative 4G ruggedised router and the broadband connection provided by this router enables the VoIP to work.

Can I have a localised number?

Yes. As standard, we configure all VoIP phones t have a local number. This contact number can then be used on marketing material when developers open the sales suite.

Why does my business need VoIP?

PSTN connections are traditional and therefore, high cost. On average, when we swap out a PSTN landline with a VoIP solution, clients can save up to 50% on monthly costs. In our opinion, that’s worth having! SME’s love VoIP because it’s feature rich and this means they’re enabled much like large enterprises. SME’s don’t sound like SME’s with a VoIP system.

VVX 301


This powerful entry-level business phone is very well suited for site offices as the call volume isn’t as high as sales and marketing suites. The 301 provides crystal clear communications and even though it’s a low-cost product, the quality is very good.

VVX 411


This mid-range business phone comes with a full colour screen and provides exceptional quality. The 411 is designed to handle a moderate-to-high level of activity which is why it’s suited well for larger sites and sales centres.



This portable handset is ideal for mobile communications in-and-around a site office, marketing suite or show home. This particular phone is most popular because it’s so simple to use and the user still benefits from services the other models offer.

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