Tardis 4G: 30 days trial offer.

Tardis is the original provider of construction site broadband in the UK and with market-leading response times of just 2 days, it’s clear why we’re first choice for first-in communications.

In late 2014, we launched a free trial offer for 30 days with the aim to improve client conversion and retention – this got traction, quickly! The promotion became popular with contractors like Brookfield Multiplex, Finnegan and Seddon – the response was great. Historically, the Tardis solution has been a premium product and it’s been fantastic for our tenure, however, with cellular infrastructure improving and overall services more available, it was time to make a change. Every day, we receive calls, texts, emails and direct messages on Twitter asking for free trials which is great, however, because we’ve historically been an expensive service provider, we’ve missed out on some real opportunities where budget has been the main priority and we lose the prospect – not ideal but this happened and I can confidently say, it’ll unlikely happen again.


For those that follow us on Linkedin and Twitter, you’ll recognise we created a new logo, and perhaps a new feel…? One thing is for sure, we’ll continue pushing the trial periods because they give site managers, IT professionals and small business owners the ability to see what a proper 4G service is. Easy-to-order, simple-to-use and very flexible. With new LTE+ (4G+) technology and cost-effective pricing, we will strengthen our position this year. A few examples for you…


1) You’re on-site for 6 months and really need WiFi to avoid extra data charges for using your smart phone as a hot-spot. I recommend 10Gb @ £37.08/month and 20Gb @ £47.76/month subject to one or three users.


2) You and your team have been sub-contracted for 24 months and data could be an issue. I can provide 40Gb @ £54.41/month +VAT – data boosts available from £9.


3) A series of stacked cabins are home to a regeneration scheme compound with 100+ professionals on-site most days – open WiFi access is needed as part of the sub-contract agreement. You can hire 100Gb @ £77.08/month +VAT (36+ months contract).


The options are endless. If required, we can provide up to 1.2Tb of data per month. If you want to try our market-leading 4G solutions or you just fancy putting us to the test and see if we do get you connected inside 48 hours, be my guest. Call me…

Please note, prices exclude VAT.


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Hire & Support: 01708 77 44 20 | sales@tardis.uk.com

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