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The best connectivity platform to manage your IoT, for construction.

The exclusive Tardis4G Portal has been designed with you at the forefront of our innovation. Easy device management, easy ordering process, support tickets made simple, the list goes on... The below logos indicate our happy client-base.

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Anderson Group
Barratt Homes
Berkeley Group
Bio Construct
Caddick Construction
Countryside Properties
Costain Group
Crest Nicholson
David Wilson Homes
Deanfield Homes
Ellis Builders
Finnegan Construction
Freyssinet Group
Wood Group
Weston Homes
St. Modwen Homes
Abel Homes
Affinity Water
Amey Group
Amiri Construction
Anderson Group
Anvil Homes
Applebridge Construction
Ascia Construction
Avanti Groundworks
Balfour Beatty Construction
Borras Construction
Bourne Group
Bovis Homes
Brampton Valley Homes
Highways England
Higgins Construction
Keepmoat Group
Keltbray Group
Kier Group
Land and Water
Linden Homes
Morgan Sindall
Persimmon Homes
Redrow Homes
Seddon Group
Stewart Milne Group
Taylor Wimpey
Willmott Dixon
Interserve Group
Elan Homes
Burrington Estates
British Fluorspar
Brookfield Multiplex Group
Brymor Construction
Charles Church
Coinford Construction
Deeley Construction
Erith Contractors
Harrabin Construction
Jenner Group
J J Rhatigan
Jones Homes
Kane Group
McLaren Group

"Tardis4G was rolled out across the group in 2017 with vastly improved results to the service we provide."

Kevin, Group IT Manager, Elan Homes


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The Tardis4G Coverage Map is an exclusive feature that we are really proud to show off. Use it to learn which mobile network is the best in your area for your new site office or sales centre.

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What our clients say

"In an attempt to overcome the challenges of providing reliable data connectivity and communications to our site and sales offices, Elan Homes had tried various solutions over the years. Originally, like most IT teams, ADSL2+ and fibre were the obvious choices but in most scenarios, both are very impractical due to the timescales, particularly with Openreach, and that’s not including the cost. The other options were mobile dongles and MiFi devices which are very cost-effective in direct comparison but both are invariably unreliable, again – We couldn’t continue on this path."

Tardis4G provide numerous solutions to address these major issues and following early trials, we adopted their core solutions across the group which vastly improved results to the service we provide. The IoT management portal is an excellent tool for insights, device and data management plus issue resolution. Matt and his team are highly recommended across the board from the order processing & billing to quick delivery and overall support. We look forward to continuing this successful relationship in 2020 and beyond, particularly with the news of new products and services on the horizon."

Elan Homes
Group IT Manager


"The response and delivery time was very swift. The set-up of the kit was surprisingly easy – just plug and play. I am used to most IT systems having prolonged set-up times and the usual teething problems but Tardis 4G wasn’t affected by any of the usual issues. The speed of the solution was close to broadband speed and I had no issues downloading or opening files. As a system for use during initial site set-up or times when a normal phone line is not in place, Tardis 4G is probably the best solution I’ve used."

Berkly Homes
Project Manager


"The company has tried many IT alternatives but never found one that worked well enough. We’ve used Tardis 3G on several sites including the Elephant & Castle Regeneration in South London. I was sceptical at first but I can't fault it. A lot of the company's work is in cities where it is a challenge to get lines installed. At the Heygate Estate, we used Tardis 4G for six months prior to cables being installed at our site cabins - it's a brilliant solution! To add, we also use it for our mobile occupational health service. Tardis install their resilient 4G kit into each of our welfare trucks meaning we always have good connectivity when travelling."

Group IT Manager


"I came across Tardis 4G on LinkedIn as their Product Manager shares regular posts about WiFi connectivity for site cabins and sales suites. Considering IT and site broadband are vital to my region with our system-based reporting, we arranged for a demonstration and found the Tardis 4G set-up perfect for an immediate solution to our start on sites prior to any infrastructure being in place. Since our initial meeting, we now have several site teams benefitting from Tardis 4G and so far, the feedback has been great. Every order I’ve made has been on-site within 48 hours and one was even installed the next day! Matt and the support team have impressed us with their efficiency and professionalism - I wish I’d used them sooner."

Redrow Homes
Construction Director


"The company tried two products last year that were similar to Tardis 4G but they didn't work very well. Both solutions failed on more than one site which meant I and my IT team lost confidence in spending any budget on third party services. We continued with our dongles as it was a lot cheaper but I came across Tardis 4G via an email from a site manager. I went ahead with a demonstration and now, we have 25% of our estate connected with Tardis 3G/4G solutions - Every site should have this kit."

Telecoms Specialist


"Tardis 4G is a superb business-grade solution. I’m on a regeneration scheme and we regularly have a high level of simultaneous activity due to BIM and numerous architects visiting site etc. The system never fails and in the last year, we’ve not even had to ask for any support. For us, it’s been perfect and I’d recommend Tardis 4G to any contractor that need a secure and reliable 4G WiFi connection."

Taylor Wimpey
Construction Manager


"I saw the Tardis 4G advert in the CM Magazine earlier in the year and told myself to remember it as it seemed like a useful product. Conveniently, we won a contract where broadband wasn't available. I ordered this system and it arrived on my site two days later. I plugged the box in as per the instructions which was very easy, anyone could do it. We connected to the WiFi from our tablets and we were up-and-running. I can honestly say, if the team didn't have use of Tardis 3G, we wouldn't have been able to work - even phone signal wasn't great."

Project Manager


"We have 300 sites live at any one time and the majority of those will eventually go to an ADSL provider however, the time before ADSL arrives is always a nightmare. We found Tardis 3G/4G to be a great solution for us. We've used it on hundreds of sites in the last 4 years including Crossrail and London Underground. To begin with, we only used the system to provide internet but we have up-scaled so it connects to our corporate VPN (Virtual Private Network) and into the WAN (Wide Area Network). This enables all our professionals to access files at head office, gives them full server access and means that we can remotely administer user accounts which has been very efficient."

IT Installation Manager


"We've tried 3G/4G dongles and MiFi devices but they're never reliable enough. They'll work on a clear day and then stop working when it's cloudy and we just don't have the time or the resource to resolve all the problems - Tardis 4G seamlessly connects every site with three networked channels so we never lose a connection."

Willmont & Dixon
Project Manager


"I’ve been using the Tardis 4G solution in my new home and on our sites. Not only do Tardis provide a great product and service, Matt and the team are professional, reliable and are very responsive to our needs. To top it off, very competitive rates go a long way! I’d highly recommend Tardis 4G!"

Sub-Contract Buyer


"Tardis 4G is reliable and provides a very fast internet connection. From day one, we've been able to work effectively which has been great! As we're in a rural location, BT have said they won't hardwire a telephone or internet line so the solution will be used for the full duration of the project. I'll definitely use it on my next site and highly recommend this system to any site managers that require a trusted supplier."

Site Manager


"We've used Tardis 4G since 2015 and wouldn't look back. For sites that are live for six, twelve or even 24 months, the Tardis solution is perfect because it can scale with your site teams. It's so easy to use and always works very well and I think it's the best temporary system out there. I highly recommend Matt and the team because they're reliable, efficient and are always responsive if problems arise. To add, with no installation or maintenance fees to pay, it's definitely the most cost-effective product we've come across."

Finnegan Construction
IT Director

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